KCPD Memorial   Lest We Forget
Police Officer
David Joseph Inlow Sr.
Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
End of Watch: Sunday, May 25, 1980
Age: 37
DOB: December 5, 1942
Tour of Duty: 15 years
Cause of death: Gunfire
Suspect information: Shot & killed
In the early morning hours of May 25, 1980, Officer Inlow was patrolling his area when he noticed some unusual activity at an all-night service station at 3737 East 31st Street. Upon closer examination, he realized that there was a robbery in progress and attempted to stop it. In the next few minutes, he was involved in a fierce gun battle, during which Officer Inlow was mortally wounded but was still able to return fire, killing suspect Dennis Keith Carter, 23, who sustained four fatal gunshot wounds to the chest. A passerby spotted Officer Inlow and the suspect lying on the ground and reported it to a local Fire Station. Responding officers found Officer Inlow next to his police car where he apparently collapsed trying to get to his radio. The suspect lay dead on the ground twenty feet away with money still grasped in his hand and scattered nearby. The gas station attendant was ordered into the rest room by the suspect and did not witness the shooting.

Terry Hamilton, driver of the get-away car for the robbery plead guilty to a charge of second degree murder in 1981.