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Police Officer
Thomas J. McAuliffe
Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
End of Watch: Friday, June 25, 1937
Age: 52
DOB: October 15, 1884
Tour of Duty: 5 years
Date of incident:
Cause of death: Gunfire
Suspect information: Apprehended
Officer McAuliffe was shot and killed by a drunken pipeline worker at 701 E. 14th Street who had been robbed. The suspect was unhappy that action was not being taken quickly enough in the investigation of his robbery and shot Officer McAuliffe. Cause of death was listed as a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Officer McAuliffe, 52, born in Ireland, was survived by his wife, Mary, and two daughters, Catherine and Marie. Interment was at St. Mary's Cemetery.

Article by Brent Marchant

Around 11 PM, June 24, 1937, an Oklahoma pipeline worker name Earl Green arrived in Kansas City. Green, who was wanted in both Oklahoma and California for various crimes, went to a boarding house at 620 E. 14th Street. A short time later, he was thrown out when a proprietor found him choking a young woman. Green felt that he had been setup and was determined to go back to the house and collect his $11. He went into a saloon/gambling house at 701 E. 14th Street, searching for a revolver to use as persuasion in getting his money. He told the bartender and other patrons his story and started to drink heavily. Eventually, he was thrown out of the saloon, but went back and ordered more alcohol. When Officer Thomas J. McAuliffe walked into the saloon, Green told him his story and asked for his help in getting the money returned to him. McAuliffe refused, turned and began to walk away. Green grabbed McAuliffe's revolver - McAuliffe attempted to retrieve it and Green shot him (In Green's statement he testified that he had been so inebriated he did not remember pulling the trigger). Officer James Messick, McAuliffe's partner, prevented Green from leaving by trapping him in the saloon's washroom. After several attempts to get Green to surrender, Officer L.A. Myers shot and wounded him through the washroom door with a riot gun. McAuliffe's empty revolver was found in the washroom. McAuliffe died at approximately 2:00 A.M, June 25th, 1937.

Officer McAuliffe was 52 years old and was a member of the department for 5 years at the time of his death. He worked for the department for several years twenty years earlier. He was survived by his wife Mary and two daughters, Catherine and Marie.