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Police Officer
Ralph Hinds
Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
End of Watch: Friday, May 17, 1929
Age: 32
DOB: October 6, 1896
Date of incident: May 12, 1929
Tour of Duty: 5 years
Cause of death: Gunfire
Suspect information: Sentenced to death

On May 12, 1929, Officers Ralph Hinds and Delbert E. Bates were answering a disturbance call at 1409 Brooklyn Avenue. As the officers stepped onto the porch of the house, Ferdinand Brockington appeared in the doorway. He was wearing a derby hat, smoking a cigar, and held a suitcase in his left hand, his right hand hidden behind his back. As the officers neared him, he brought out his right hand, which was holding an automatic pistol. He shot Officer Hinds once in each leg, and as he fell, he shot him in the back. He then shot Officer Bates in one leg, and fled through the back of the house. Officers, volunteers, and bloodhounds searched for Brockington. Later that day, Officer William J. Haines spotted a man who matched Brockington's description wearing a derby hat, and cigar at the corner of 15th and Brooklyn Avenue. Officer Haines did not want to become involved in a gunfight with him, so he enlisted the help of a motorist, who drove him around the corner allowing Officer Haines to approach Brockington from the rear. When Haines seized him, Brockington denied the shootings although he was still carrying the pistol. He was taken back to his house and was identified by his wife and eight children as the shooter. Brockington then said that he shot the officers because he thought they were burglars but his family and neighbors all agreed that there was enough light that they had no difficulty in distinguishing the uniformed officers. The family then made a statement that Brockington had vowed to "mow down the law as fast as it comes" after learning that one of his daughters called the police in an attempt to prevent him from beating his wife. It was reported that Brockington beat his wife on a regular basis for the last fifteen of their twenty-five years of marriage.

Officer Hinds, 32, died of his wounds May 17, 1929. He was a member of the police department for four years. Interred: Eldon, Missouri.

Article by Brent Marchant